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Are you interested in who is calling from unknown phone number? Is it telemarketing, annoying sales agents, robocalls, probably some scam? Here you can check whether that number exists in our database. Just use search on the top of the page. Please, use international format, starting with '+'. In most cases, information is populated by regular users, so you're welcome to leave your comments to describe your experience as well. To make it convenient, we don't require registration to write comments

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A Regg: 15/1/20

A criminal enterprise

Alex Savea: 16/12/19

Apple marketing group scam

anonymous: 13/12/19

Calls every day sometimes 3 times a day

Linda: 12/12/19

SCAM. Heavy Indian accent of a guy saying he was from NBN and that I had internet problems over the past few days which is total BS !!!!! When I repeatedly asked him which department and which provider he was from he said Telstra. I hung up straight away as I am not with this provider. Lots of BS NBN scammer calls coming through at all hours !!!!! Tell them to GET F'D !!!!!

Ric: 10/12/19

I had the same call and said hello but no answer, and it hangs off after.

Gerri: 9/12/19

Missed call. Did not leave a message. Said Beckemeyer, IL. No idea where that is. I am suspecting spam/scam.

JR: 7/12/19

I answered no one at other end very un nerving

Scott: 7/12/19

Initial call was from a private number. He sounded VERY convincing, from the Christmas deals department of Telstra. He eventually became pushy, so I put him off for a couple of hours and rang Telstra in between. They had no record of having called me today. He hung up when I resisted providing anything further - NOTE - this person is able to initiate a real verification code from Telstra and asks for it to be read back from the SMS.

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