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Variations: 0327274500 60327274500

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Insurance people from RHB.

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my  MY
Bodoh: 6/30/20

Ada perempuan call dari celcom nak upgrade plan and tawarkan ip 11 series .. Lepas tu dia dah dpt detail dia kata takde stock.. So better jgn angkat ye kalai dari nombor2 bdoh gini.. Aku da terkena okey bai.. Harap2 dia tk buat apa2 la dgn no ic aku😭

Grace: 6/23/20

this morning my family member called him and he answered his surname is Mr Lim n should be from Segamat. I think he is seeking people to influence n sins againt man n God.

Grace: 6/23/20

this number called usually at midnight. Is a man. He said he is from Johor but i think he lied. |He asked was i was disturbed by him n asked me tomorrow you got work? Stupid question. i hanged up but next called again next day middle of the night. dint answer called he use other number +601110945355 ask can we make friend in chinese wording. I asked who r you in chinese but later i blocked this number. These people need to be save n need healing by God.

Josh: 6/20/20

this number disturbing me every day. please beware. if important why, not they send a message or by any social media platform

Mr Pilot: 6/20/20

dah 2 bulan dok call masuk, kalau ejensi biasanya dia akan mesej juga. Ini call dari pagi sampai malam. Mmg nak kena block dah ni

razali: 6/18/20

katanya dia dari AKPK ??????

Sky: 6/11/20


Zai: 6/5/20

As satu no pun dalam satu minit pun call saya tapi saya tak angkat sebb berwaspada

Zai: 6/5/20

Saya pun x angkat sebb Entah2 scamper dalam pukul 4. 47 pm ptg ni

Haris: 6/5/20

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