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Variations: 9472017083 19472017083 947-201-7083 (947) 201-7083 201-7083 1-947-201-7083 +1 947 201 7083

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us  US
...: 9/17/19

"Shelly Thompson" called from this number. It is spam. When I called back, some simply answer "legal department" and then transferred me to a guy named Jeff or John. He alleged that I had an outstanding balance with a former bank for $5000+, but he would be willing to settle for $900. Once I questioned him more about it, he got really upset and rude. According to him, I was sent a notice and was in danger of being served by the county sheriff.

visti: 9/17/19


Trixie: 9/16/19


catherine powell: 9/16/19

wanted my dob to verify i was who i was. did not want to say what or why they were calling because of private matters- well my life is private too. and i did not get to know why or who they were.

Hailey: 9/16/19

Vaguely threatening message about car warranty, do not answer or call back

Reporter2: 9/16/19

House flipper / bank loan offer

Graceless One: 9/16/19

Constant calls about a student loan I do not have. Can not find a way to block these calls. The numbers seem to rotate. as soon as I block it they call from another number. Extremely frustrating!

Reporter: 9/16/19

A recorded message threatening a named individual with legal action.