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Last comments:

Jay Cee: 2/19/20

Keeps calling 4-5 times a day.... about health insurance. Calls weekdays & weekends from a local area code phone #. Obviously it’s a scam.

Lucas: 2/19/20

They called my clinic stating they wanted to discuss a referral. Called back & was put on hold with "your call will be answered by our next available agent." Clearly spam.

GM: 2/19/20

Calls our cell at least twice a day without fail. We have number blocked.

Peter: 2/18/20

sent a text message about a motorbike for sale on Gumtree, gave me with an email address to contact his uncle directly, phone number looked strange!!, second time in two weeks...

No Name : 2/18/20

This number called my insured and provided her false information about her policy to fool her into providing her payment information to them

M: 2/18/20

This piece of shit is a scammer either looking to make you pay for a “free” roofing service or to scope out when you aren’t home.

M: 2/18/20

This piece of shit is a scammer either looking to make you pay for a “free” roofing service or to scope out when you aren’t home.

Tomas: 2/18/20

Called me, no message left

Ellen: 2/18/20

Scam robocall, Spangle, WA, where dozens of these calls come from every week!

spam: 2/18/20


Rose Shea: 2/18/20

this # keeps calling--never leaves a message--even when you answer and request who is calling they will not tell you--if they ask for a certin person and i request they leave a message fr that person they will not but say they will call back to connect with them--BS--waste of time answering this one

Tina B: 2/18/20

this company called me and told me that i owe on a credit card back from 2014 , master card and the balance is for 500.00, i never owned a master card.

TJ: 2/18/20

Trying to get me to lower payments of some sort.

Beverly Gray: 2/18/20

They claim my husband owes a bill and they don't say what,but they give a reference number,I think they are a scam call!

Richie: 2/18/20

They claim to be with the geek squad (which, if true, would be Best Buy. The say they will be renewing my computer coverage for $499 unless I opt out. (I have no contract for coverage with anyone.) My guess is that I said not to renew, they would ask for my card number.

OneWho's DamnedTired OfThis: 2/17/20

Caller identified self as "Kathleen calling from Home Services". Beep at start of call, sound of scammer picking up headset/whatever, then background chatters of others in the boiler room.

Daniel: 2/17/20

Yep, warranty extension scam. Don't buy it

Idc: 2/17/20

They are scam and spamming calling

Lisa: 2/17/20

Texting my child...multiple times. Something about getting paid for an auto accident ...Kelly with some law firm. Sooo irritating.

CD Brown: 2/17/20

Claim to have a legal matter filed against my MINOR CHILD that there will be '"two attemps" to contact me and then will be filed with court. The call came from a Macon, GA #4783379950, and they gave me this number to call back with a "file #"

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United States unwanted spam and scam calls

If you have been directed to this page, we can assume that you experience unwanted calls, or possibly you've missed a call (or many) and now is curious who is calling you from an unknown phone number. The fastest way to find out whose number is this is to use a form on the top of this page.

Just type a number that called you. You should start typing from country code. I.e. assuming phone number was from the United States or Canada, start typing from +1 following with area code and number. And if this phone number exists in our database, you will see the statistics for it, reviews left by other people who also faced a call from this phone number. If you like to get a bit more context and possible ways to secure yourself, you're welcome to continue reading.

Marketing spamm calls

We live in the time of the internet. We're all surrounded by gadgets and computers, we receive and send tens of e-mails each day. People's communication shifted to messengers and social media from traditional phone calls over the last decades. Advertisement business has evolved as well with the development of the internet. Despite that fact, phone calls remain one of the powerful sources of marketing. Statistics that we collected from this website proves that to us. But you probably know it by your own, chances are that if you lent on this page, you've been affected with one of such calls - marketing calls is one of the most common violations reported by our customers.

How to get rid of marketing spamm call

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from some of the unwanted calls. This method is not 100% solid, but it's worth to give it a try. US government developed the National Do Not Call Registry it was created specifically to stop unwanted sales calls. It’s free to register your home or mobile phone number. Go to donotcall.gov and fill the form or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you want to register. What this action will do - you will stop to receive marketing calls from real companies. All companies are obligated to use do not call registers and not call the phone numbers found in the registry. You still might receive political calls, charitable calls, debt collection calls, surveys or purely informational calls - not all cases are covered

Scam phone calls

When marketing calls are pretty much unharmful but rather annoying and time-consuming, some calls might lead to bigger consequences. The best way to protect yourself from phone scams is to be careful and not trust everybody, it's worth to make check one more time before you do any actions or pay your money. You can check whose number is this on our website. One of the examples is calls that pretending to be charity fundraisings for i.e. police association. The approach here will be to promise to call back, find a real number on the web and ask if they are running a campaign. One of the most common and dangerous scams is social security scam: you receive a robocall claiming that your Social Security number was suspended because of “suspicious activity”. According to the Federal Trade Commission, in the first six months of 2019 people filed 73,000 reports about Social Security fraud with losses totaling $17 million. You have to remember - social security will never ask for your personal data over the phone. So if you receive calls like this, use our website to check who called you, it will be a small additional step to not find yourself fooled.