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+1-808-207-3286 robot calling with agressive mention recall to this number. Look suspicious and malicious call

Joseph C Kolupski:

Received VM call and notice of arrest warant i asked for proof of such and email sent by a <shawncarter720151@gmail.com> 1 703 740 8400 number spoofed ?

Mike d:

scam saying you paid for Norton anti-virus says name jason andrews to call if want to cancel payment.


Didn't answer, but I have been getting calls from 888 are code everyday. At first it was every few minutes. I registered my phone on the do not call list. I get calls from 669 are code, 833, most are in Cali.


Reported from Ohio Unemployment Insurance Claim however the area code is from Indiana?

Kim W.:

No company name and they refuse to give up information. I asked questions and they hung up on me. Please do not answer their calls.

Prefer to remain anonymous:

888-330-3024 An anonymous text stating an appointment date but no other information was szent this afternoon and I suspect that it is a scam. This number is unknown to us.

Billy T:


Parent of student with federal loans:

Received multiple calls/voicemails with the exact same script. Suspect scam based on this and the number of folks that have also received this voicemail. Checked FSA website and this number does not appear as one of their contacts.



Sheila P Morris:

"National Dealer Services". Probably a car warranty thing. They have called from another number as well. 720-680-3973


Careful, scam


Same as above - same script - no loans - he sounds legit and is persistent


Had a missed call from 9077862035 claiming be AkUSA rep and to return call at 8009922810?

My name:

Claimed to be from Microsoft. Knew my name. Said my computer was downloading without my knowledge. Hung up when challenged.


Claimed they had a package when tried to call they hung up after repeated attempts they shut off their phone because it wouldn't even ring just went straight to voicemail


No student loans however have gotten this voice mail 3 times. Never returned their call but seems fishy to me.


Caller left a blank voicemail message which leads me to believe a bot/scam/etc..

Steve in Santa Rosa:

After receiving several unanswered phone calls that went directly to voice message, no message was left...leading me to suspect the call is SPAM/SCAM/ROBO-CALLER/TELEMARKETER/NEFARIOUS MISCREANT


repeat hang-up caller...scam or robo-caller most likely...


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United States unwanted spam and scam calls

If you have been directed to this page, we can assume that you experience unwanted calls, or possibly you've missed a call (or many) and now is curious who is calling you from an unknown phone number. The fastest way to find out whose number is this is to use a form on the top of this page.

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Marketing spamm calls

We live in the time of the internet. We're all surrounded by gadgets and computers, we receive and send tens of e-mails each day. People's communication shifted to messengers and social media from traditional phone calls over the last decades. Advertisement business has evolved as well with the development of the internet. Despite that fact, phone calls remain one of the powerful sources of marketing. Statistics that we collected from this website proves that to us. But you probably know it by your own, chances are that if you lent on this page, you've been affected with one of such calls - marketing calls is one of the most common violations reported by our customers.

How to get rid of marketing spamm call

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from some of the unwanted calls. This method is not 100% solid, but it's worth to give it a try. US government developed the National Do Not Call Registry it was created specifically to stop unwanted sales calls. It’s free to register your home or mobile phone number. Go to donotcall.gov and fill the form or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you want to register. What this action will do - you will stop to receive marketing calls from real companies. All companies are obligated to use do not call registers and not call the phone numbers found in the registry. You still might receive political calls, charitable calls, debt collection calls, surveys or purely informational calls - not all cases are covered

Scam phone calls

When marketing calls are pretty much unharmful but rather annoying and time-consuming, some calls might lead to bigger consequences. The best way to protect yourself from phone scams is to be careful and not trust everybody, it's worth to make check one more time before you do any actions or pay your money. You can check whose number is this on our website. One of the examples is calls that pretending to be charity fundraisings for i.e. police association. The approach here will be to promise to call back, find a real number on the web and ask if they are running a campaign. One of the most common and dangerous scams is social security scam: you receive a robocall claiming that your Social Security number was suspended because of “suspicious activity”. According to the Federal Trade Commission, in the first six months of 2019 people filed 73,000 reports about Social Security fraud with losses totaling $17 million. You have to remember - social security will never ask for your personal data over the phone. So if you receive calls like this, use our website to check who called you, it will be a small additional step to not find yourself fooled.