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Variations: 8443943703 18443943703 844-394-3703 (844) 394-3703 394-3703 1-844-394-3703 +1 844 394 3703

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Alan Preston called several times saying I had won 4.8 million in a readers digest sweepstake retirement fund

tailor stately
male machine telling me I had won $4 million from Retired readers digest... Told me to call 844-394-3703... checked internet instead and reporting

Sylvia T
male machine telling me I had won $4 million from Retired readers digest. Gave name Alan Preston. He called from 562-269-3917, told me to call 844-394-3703.

Really an obvious computer generated call telling me I have won 4 million dollars.

Robo call saying I won 4.8 million in a retired sweepstakes.

got a call from retired sweepstake and should call this #8443943703

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us  US
Harassed: 8/25/19

Debt collector that intentionally buys bad debt for pennies and then uses the taxpayer-funded court system to try and intimidate people into paying the original amount. The court system is supposed to be for justice not to support a scam business model. Why do we allow this at public expense? They know the debt is bad when they buy it and they haven't actually lost the money they are trying to collect. They clog the court system for their own profit.

Fern: 8/25/19

Its a scam linked with a Microsoft virus

Fern: 8/25/19

Its a scam linked to a Microsoft virus

Keith Jennings: 8/24/19

this guy claiming to be with a government agency called the Community Financial Domestic Assistance. All I have to do is call this number to get my money. He claims to be someone I know and he has gotten his money within 5 hours.

Ken Lomdon: 8/24/19

PHISHING for personal information leave a message to promote urgency that they have renewed a subscription for $399.00 and debited your account. They hope to get all the info about your banking or credit card information just block

Mandy Husmann: 8/24/19

Didn't answer when called and doesn't leave a message when calling.

Προκοπης καριωτελλης: 8/23/19

Πως μπορω να παρω το δωρο μου δεν εχω πιστωτικη καρτα

Amy Mitts: 8/23/19

Someone called and gave this number for stimulus check to pick at Walmart they didn't reply back you an answering machine