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Variations: 7273353817 17273353817 727-335-3817 (727) 335-3817 335-3817 1-727-335-3817 +1 727 335 3817

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Deja Vu
727-335-3817 National Police Support Fund. This individual is constantly calling my home from various numbers. Maybe 20 plus calls over the past month. I've reported to FCC and the supposed headquarters & still it calls. Search the name online, it appears to be a political scam. Don't give any personal info or money without doing some research. It sure seems to be a crook.

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Spam, unwanted calls, ads, polls
Careful, scam!

Last reports:

+17273353817 number was reported to FTC in category Other in Seminole, Florida, area code 727. Violation date: 7/7/20 1:13:00 PM

+17273353817 number was reported to FTC in category Dropped call or no message in Florida, area code 727. Violation date: 6/19/20 4:31:00 PM It was a robocall or recorded message.

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Last activity:

us  US
John: 7/8/20


Eve: 7/8/20

Automotive warranty. I lease my car. :P

Em: 7/8/20

Unwanted caller has called before and leaves no message when I don't answer

Anonymous : 7/7/20

They called didn’t say anything but could hear other callers in the background calling others and hearing people give their info over the background phone

Al: 7/7/20

Was silent for a couple of seconds and then hung up



ZL: 7/7/20

Scammer don't say hello or yes.

Connie: 7/7/20

They called and said to call them back because it was about a order. I called but said all there operators were busy if they call again I am blocking the number.

Betty Sumstine: 7/7/20

Rec’d call 07072020, AOL illegal activity on my email address. Believe it was a scam. Wanted me to sign out of AOL and enter an address he gave me in a drop down box, which I believe would allow him access to my computer. I hung up. He then called me back and wanted me to call him back at this number. Haven’t responded.

Sharon Maxie: 7/7/20

They show up as O'Connor Corporation on my statement but when i call the recording says Sullivan & Associates. I am putting in a stop payment with my bank because when i called to ask them to call, they never return my messages. The time i called recording says please check the number. So i sent a email and was given another number 844-957-0473.

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