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Variations: 4806666602 14806666602 480-666-6602 (480) 666-6602 666-6602 1-480-666-6602 +1 480 666 6602

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They don’t answer when u pick up, they just stay quiet while u talk then they shut. When I called back music just kept playing and there was no talking.

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Thomas smith: 5/27/20

Guy left voicemail from restricted number asking for banking information. Said if I did not return thee call with the information a summons would be sent to house.

Eyuel Tewodros: 5/27/20

To Tewodros Tadesse could you please come pick us up on Friday thank you this is your son Eyuel Tewodros thank you

Janeen Jurgilewicz: 5/27/20

This number left a seemingly threatening message on my daughter's phone (she is a minor).

Ld : 5/26/20

Called and had my name and phone number. Stating I owed them money and call and pay immediately.

Posy...: 5/26/20

Saw on caller ID, yet again, another unwanted call from the #304-245-4398...Shows up as Van WV...Go to Hell and leave all of us alone...

S. Bullock: 5/26/20

A call was placed to my mother in law from this number 6072140177, that my 15 yr old son had caused an accident with a pregnant woman. The caller was distressed and stated not to tell anyone about it. Then a lawyer came on saying he was public defender and that he needs $6000 for bail money. These people should be LOCKED up! And stop harassing people who may be vulnerable and could go into shock from hysterical bogus news!!!

Brown: 5/26/20

This person keeps calling me. When I try and call them back the phone is not in service.

Gretchen: 5/26/20

Asking to verify emails addresses and employee names. Saying they are NACD

Joe Blow: 5/26/20

Pretending to be NACD asking for our email address.

A.S. : 5/26/20

Puppy scam artist!

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