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Variations: 2066140206 12066140206 206-614-0206 (206) 614-0206 614-0206 1-206-614-0206 +1 206 614 0206

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Ryan MacKeen
Commercial scamming CROOKS. They oresent themselves as an Anazon business registery, and demand your infornation to update your Anazon business services to you. When you quiry them, they yell and go burzerk, and beret you for refusing to comply with a free service to you. In other words, not only are they a bunch of low life crooks, but also a bunch of ass holes and douche bags at that.

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Spam, unwanted calls, ads, polls
Careful, scam!

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number was reported to FTC in category in Alaska, area code 907. Violation date: 1/27/2021 2:57:00 PM It was a robocall or recorded message.

number was reported to FTC in category in Alaska, area code 907. Violation date: 10/23/2020 11:45:00 AM It was a robocall or recorded message.

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us  US

Called gave my name and said we were being recorded. I owe no one so I just hung up.

Cathy :

called back on another phone line all its says is Sorry then the call ended


This man called me to talk about drug and alcohol addiction. He stared asking annoying questions like what is my addiction? I said that I am not a drug addict. Then he asked me about mental health issues. I found him annoying. I told him to hang up. He could be the type that would like to argue with the people he calls. Just hang up and block this number. He may have bad intentions, but he won’t admit it. Why would anyone trust a stranger who asks anyone about their mental health?


this number called, talks about there is a motion filed with your name - immediate call back needed - THINK THIS ONE IS A SCAM!

You're Funny:

Number in a scam phishing email. Representing as an online order with credit card.

Dan G:

Received an email from "Microsoft" about my purchase of Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection Firewall & Network protection for $399 and stated I have 72 hours to request refund if I didn't want it. credit card was not charged and since when do Microsoft employees use a GMail account. [}. Don't fall for it.


Multiple text requests asking if I want to sell a property I don't own - they give a street address but never a city so I can track them down. Replying "STOP" doesn't work.

Fuckyoo Azzhole:

Bullshit scamware

Invoice scam:

Invoice scam. Order #: 842JSO-HPP830D-FFFF011 Shipping Method: Overnight Shipping Shipping Preference: Fastest Delivery Time Subtotal of Items: $269.81 Shipping & Handling: $43.56 ------ Total for this Order: $313.37 Delivery estimate: Tomorrow 3 "D-Link DIR-655 Extreme N Gigabit Wireless Router" Misc.; $89.94 Sold by: D-Link Electronics Delivery address: 66 Bogia Lane Butte Montana 59701

Bob Wiley :

Caller left message claiming to be Tom Steyer pushing some student loan forgiveness scam. Wanted me to call 916-975-0315 and give reference number 4683 to see what program I can qualify. But I have no student loan. SCAM!


keep calling no message left