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Fred: 1/17/20

Scam call.

Kimberly: 1/17/20

This is a travel company selling cruise ship rooms. I politely asked to be put on their do not call list and the lady rambled something about pushing “1” and then proceeded to try to sell me a room on a cruise ship. I asked again “can you please put me on your do not call list” and she hung up on me. Extremely rude and unprofessional...not a legitimate company.

Judy: 1/17/20

"Amazon Account Warning". A suspicious purchase for over $500.00 has been charged to your account. Call this number back to talk with our fraud department.

Judy: 1/17/20

"Amazon Account Warning". A suspicious purchase for over $500.00 has been charged to your account. Call this number back to talk with our fraud department.

TN mom: 1/17/20

Left van saying there is legal Action to be taken and call back. When call back want all info including SSN. Total Scam

Alva: 1/17/20

9732334356 is a call from a male claiming to be my grandson except I don't have grand children,I asked if he had the wrong number he told me my number and the name of my husband who he had talked to at Christmas but my husband has been dead 5 yrs.both of our name are listed on my phone bill. my caller Id listed Laverne Gephart calling from New Jersey.

Frannie S: 1/17/20

this number calls and leaves a DC number

Cautious Catherine: 1/17/20

Digital voice recording saying it is an officer and that legal action is being filed against my social security number and to call the number back right away. If you call back, they want all your information including your ssn and will tell you that you will be arrested if you don’t give it to them. Total scam just wanting your info!! DONT FALL FOR IT!!

Ms T: 1/17/20

A fax claiming to leave USA $9,820,000 (despite being Canadian) to myself as a family member. No knowledge of any living relative in Canada and I can't think ehy anyone would have such a large insurance payout without knowing who it was going to!! SCAM!

Nels: 1/17/20

They emailed about my sofas that were on Gumtree and said: 1; remove the advert as they're paying full asking price 2; need to buy it for my cousin as a gift, and did thorough check on the advert 3; can't come personally, house bound went through throat cancer surgery 4; an agent would pick it up at my preferred location 5; they'll pay via PayPal today and pick up will start after money is received today

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