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Variations: 07951261712 447951261712 07951261712 079 5126 1712 0795 126 1712 +44 79 5126 1712 +44 795 126 1712

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ростислав м.Львів
власник цього номера продає електромобіль рено кенго 2012р.в. за дуже примітивну ціну 2500 доларів на сайті olx.Виходить на звязок тільки по вайберу.На прохання передзвонити мені з українського оператора ухиляється мов приїдете в м Ягодин або Ковель Волинської обл. І там тебе зустрінуть. Коли ти приїзджаєш туди на звязок більше ніхто з тобою не виходить.Називає себе той пасажир Едуардом або Дімою.

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gb  GB
A: 5/14/20

Received call from this number today. Couldn't make out the company they claimed to be from but it sounded it "Arg View". She had my name and wanted to confirm my work e-mail address (what she had was correct). Seemed to be legit but then I asked her to confirm the company she was ringing from, there was a long pause and the call dropped. Rang again a couple of minutes later but I didn't pick up.

Marge Stimpson : 3/19/20

Sexual pestering calls

Mh: 3/17/20

Received a random text from this number

new.mm297@gmail.com ماجد جبر المطيري: 3/17/20

هذا رجل نصاب وله في السعوديه حسبات في الراجحي والأهلي ونصب علي 500080 يدعي انه من بورصة الاسهم العالميه

ماجد جبر المطيري: 3/17/20

هذا رجل نصاب وله في السعوديه حسبات في الراجحي والأهلي ونصب علي 500080 يدعي انه من بورصة الاسهم العالميه

stuart: 3/16/20

played a long with there request to trade on line when the caller worked out I was taking the piss his accent changed and he told me to fcuk off and stop wasting his time lol got to love these cold caller the best ones are have you had a accident in the last couple years hear there voices lift when you say yes has one today then they asked for details and your reply is I answered the phone to you

Neil Kelly: 3/14/20

claiming to be Amazon cancel or renew your account SCAM

Concerned: 3/13/20

HMRC Fraud call: requested to press 1. Obvious scam as HMRC would not contact you in this way. Ignore

Mj: 3/9/20

+442038079188 Scarry

Mj: 3/9/20

+442038079188 Scarry