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Variations: 01412606684 441412606684 01412606684 014 1260 6684 0141 260 6684 +44 14 1260 6684 +44 141 260 6684

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Jennifer polson/ David Thompson:

The number 01519470730 rings this number twice or even three times daily... Its quite annoying... I've asked them to stop calling but they do not listen...

c d keeling:

Owned by Bsb (sky dervative). Spam

Johnny :

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Spam, reported to ICO


I had a call from this number and nobody was in the other end. They rang 3 or 4 times, when I checked online i saw other comments, sure this number is some unwanted call.

Valencian man:

Please excuse my repeated comments, but I think I should alert you to the possibility that it is a fraud. I am not sure about it, but I have remembered how they took my data through a website and they just sent me a message and an e-mail bombarding me advertising. And I think I should share my suspicions about it with you. Greetings and watch out for possible scams.

Valencian man:

Good Morning. I have already found out who was calling me and why at the above phone number. It is a company that offers its services to advise and invest in the stock market. Unwanted advertising, after all. Thanks and regards.

Valencian man:

Please, could someone tell me which company the number +442036701868 belongs to? It is surprising that the number has had 18 views, including mine, and that no one has commented. I am Spanish and I reside in Spain, and despite having been a long time ago, living some time in England, I have no contact. That makes me think it must be a well-known company. If anyone could inform me, I would be very grateful. Thank you very much in advance.




Received call from this number today. Couldn't make out the company they claimed to be from but it sounded it "Arg View". She had my name and wanted to confirm my work e-mail address (what she had was correct). Seemed to be legit but then I asked her to confirm the company she was ringing from, there was a long pause and the call dropped. Rang again a couple of minutes later but I didn't pick up.

Marge Stimpson :

Sexual pestering calls