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Last comments:

Thomas smith: 2020-05-27

Guy left voicemail from restricted number asking for banking information. Said if I did not return thee call with the information a summons would be sent to house.

Eyuel Tewodros: 2020-05-27

To Tewodros Tadesse could you please come pick us up on Friday thank you this is your son Eyuel Tewodros thank you

Janeen Jurgilewicz: 2020-05-27

This number left a seemingly threatening message on my daughter's phone (she is a minor).

Ld : 2020-05-26

Called and had my name and phone number. Stating I owed them money and call and pay immediately.

Posy...: 2020-05-26

Saw on caller ID, yet again, another unwanted call from the #304-245-4398...Shows up as Van WV...Go to Hell and leave all of us alone...

S. Bullock: 2020-05-26

A call was placed to my mother in law from this number 6072140177, that my 15 yr old son had caused an accident with a pregnant woman. The caller was distressed and stated not to tell anyone about it. Then a lawyer came on saying he was public defender and that he needs $6000 for bail money. These people should be LOCKED up! And stop harassing people who may be vulnerable and could go into shock from hysterical bogus news!!!

Brown: 2020-05-26

This person keeps calling me. When I try and call them back the phone is not in service.

Gretchen: 2020-05-26

Asking to verify emails addresses and employee names. Saying they are NACD

Joe Blow: 2020-05-26

Pretending to be NACD asking for our email address.

A.S. : 2020-05-26

Puppy scam artist!

Eyuel Tewodros: 2020-05-25

To Tewodros Tadesse hi

L Glenn: 2020-05-25

I won the Reader's Digest lottery!

N/A: 2020-05-24

Caller White mail...dull voice ascertains your identity puts on hold then hangs up

Alex: 2020-05-22

It says is from the investigation department that's it

Tucker: 2020-05-21

Says they are from Safeway door dash sounds like someone from Nigeria

annoyed: 2020-05-21

missed call from this number, caller did not leave a voicemail. blocking this #

Andrew: 2020-05-21

This number goes under Allied Insurance. They are a life insurance. Company for burial insurance, however buyer beware, if you have diabetes, heart condition, any preexisting conditions and you are on SS Disability, they will denial you. So they are a scam

Anonymous : 2020-05-21

The tail end of a prerecorded message, "to connect with the office front desk, please press 0".

Bubba: 2020-05-20

Called wanting to know if I received my medicare card.

Mirna: 2020-05-20

Fraudes y amenazas acoso

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