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Last comments:

Jay Cee: 2020-02-19

Keeps calling 4-5 times a day.... about health insurance. Calls weekdays & weekends from a local area code phone #. Obviously it’s a scam.

Lucas: 2020-02-19

They called my clinic stating they wanted to discuss a referral. Called back & was put on hold with "your call will be answered by our next available agent." Clearly spam.

GM: 2020-02-19

Calls our cell at least twice a day without fail. We have number blocked.

Peter: 2020-02-18

sent a text message about a motorbike for sale on Gumtree, gave me with an email address to contact his uncle directly, phone number looked strange!!, second time in two weeks...

No Name : 2020-02-18

This number called my insured and provided her false information about her policy to fool her into providing her payment information to them

M: 2020-02-18

This piece of shit is a scammer either looking to make you pay for a “free” roofing service or to scope out when you aren’t home.

M: 2020-02-18

This piece of shit is a scammer either looking to make you pay for a “free” roofing service or to scope out when you aren’t home.

Tomas: 2020-02-18

Called me, no message left

Ellen: 2020-02-18

Scam robocall, Spangle, WA, where dozens of these calls come from every week!

spam: 2020-02-18


Rose Shea: 2020-02-18

this # keeps calling--never leaves a message--even when you answer and request who is calling they will not tell you--if they ask for a certin person and i request they leave a message fr that person they will not but say they will call back to connect with them--BS--waste of time answering this one

Tina B: 2020-02-18

this company called me and told me that i owe on a credit card back from 2014 , master card and the balance is for 500.00, i never owned a master card.

TJ: 2020-02-18

Trying to get me to lower payments of some sort.

Beverly Gray: 2020-02-18

They claim my husband owes a bill and they don't say what,but they give a reference number,I think they are a scam call!

Richie: 2020-02-18

They claim to be with the geek squad (which, if true, would be Best Buy. The say they will be renewing my computer coverage for $499 unless I opt out. (I have no contract for coverage with anyone.) My guess is that I said not to renew, they would ask for my card number.

OneWho's DamnedTired OfThis: 2020-02-17

Caller identified self as "Kathleen calling from Home Services". Beep at start of call, sound of scammer picking up headset/whatever, then background chatters of others in the boiler room.

Daniel: 2020-02-17

Yep, warranty extension scam. Don't buy it

Idc: 2020-02-17

They are scam and spamming calling

Lisa: 2020-02-17

Texting my child...multiple times. Something about getting paid for an auto accident ...Kelly with some law firm. Sooo irritating.

CD Brown: 2020-02-17

Claim to have a legal matter filed against my MINOR CHILD that there will be '"two attemps" to contact me and then will be filed with court. The call came from a Macon, GA #4783379950, and they gave me this number to call back with a "file #"

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