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Last comments:

João Próspero Luis: 10/17/19

Called allegedly related to the new Calibra Facebook currency. I was on the street and asked to call later. Called the next day with me on the street again.

CROWEB.HOST: 10/17/19

Financial Services, cold caller

R: 10/17/19

After 2 seconds hung up

Rupert: 10/14/19

Financial services cold caller

Darren: 10/14/19

Scam for investment banking

JS: 10/14/19


Lisa: 10/10/19

They rang saying my warranty had ran out 3 year ago daft get iv only just bought it go away daft person I’m not silly 😂

Ас: 10/10/19

Доп заработок предлогают

drjw: 10/9/19

Washing machine policy that is bogus, they have some of your details, but not up to date, scam.

Stephen: 10/9/19

Rang to update a washing machine insurance. Totally inapplicable - our washing machine is way over 20 years old!! But did have my name address and phone number. I suspect trying to scam me into setting up a policy.

AA: 10/9/19

Telling me my washing insurance policy needed renewing,let him give his spiel and then told him to send me details through post.He was then quick to hang up

K Kenny : 10/9/19

Have no idea why these people are calling me. I’ve got TPS and calls are worse than ever.

TONIA: 10/9/19

Wednesday 9/10/2019 and this number called the company i work for and asked us to call back so i did and a lady started having a conversation with me for unreasonable things just to stay on the line with me pretended she is interested in my companies services. DO NOT CALL THEM BACK

James: 10/9/19

Seems fine to me

0 3670 5864
Australia: 10/7/19

wanted to see if I wanted custom tailor suits...

Anon: 10/6/19

This is the Ipsos MORI call centre in Edinburgh. The are a legit market research company. They appear to treat their staff like utter shit though: https://www.reddit.com/r/Edinburgh/comments/9whe32/ipsos_mori_call_centre_in_leith/ Very annoying that they constantly contact me. LEAVE ME ALONE!

George: 10/1/19

ΤUESDAY 1 OCTOBER 2019 - TIME: 19:32 Ι am from GREECE and this number made me an unanswered call in order to call him so he wouldn't be charged. He's a scammer. If you call or answer this number you will pay a lot of money.

milan: 10/1/19

very boring

Matt: 9/30/19


Brad: 9/30/19

Why these dickheads would bother me here in oz is a mystery.. on a public holiday to boot. We have quite enough of our own scammers, usually " john" or " peter" with a thick accent lol...

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