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Last comments:

Prich: 12/13/19


Nath: 12/13/19

+442035143599 Spam !

Michael: 12/13/19

Very not polite, aggressive and even hang off on you when you ask to repeat due to the noise of the call center in the background. Never asked to be contacted, just ignore the call.

0 8089 8621
Tracey: 12/12/19

Has called a couple of times, doesn’t leave message!

Jay: 12/12/19

Amazon delivery driver calling he is outside

саня: 12/12/19

просто вызовы

Barry Shitpeas: 12/12/19


Leia : 12/12/19

Fake hmrc call claiming I was owed a refund and would get arrested if I didn’t press 1. Don’t press, they would most probably ask for your bank details, just hang up and report it to hmrc phishing department.

Neil: 12/12/19

Indian caller yapping on about something...for the second time this week. I just hang up and block the number.

0 3514 3599
B: 12/11/19

Indian guy calls to say that you have made an investment request for something that you have never done. Very rude and very condescending. Definitely spam.

Caitlin: 12/11/19

Indian lady keeps telling me i have booked holiday from london to Dubaaaaa (not dubai) called 6 times in an hour as i just hang up. I have made no enquiry she doesnt know my name or email, bad scam

Tonya: 12/11/19

'Google is verifying your number for chat features' with a code. Is this right?

Alfa: 12/10/19

This number called me once and I gave excuse I won't be able to talk, then another time the following day, I was told they are making a research - I made it clear I AM NOT INTERESTED. and they still gave me a call today !!!! VERY UNPLEASENT

0 3696 1891
John: 12/10/19

Keeps ringing

Steve: 12/9/19


John: 12/9/19

I received a call from this number several times over the span of two-three weeks. This is a scam, do not answer the call.

Daniel: 12/9/19

Obvious scam run from Indian call centre rooted through UK.

Alex F.: 12/8/19

+442034091756 called me in Friday, it took a while to figure out it's a spam

Oliver: 12/8/19

Stock market spam

Jacob D.: 6/15/19

I had a few missed calls from 02033222305 but was not able to call back. When they called me next time, a man with bad English said he's from Microsoft support and they found that my Windows is affected with viruses. Funny thing is that I use Mac, said them to fuck off!

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