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Tomas: 1/13/20


Anne: 1/11/20

A blooming nuisance.

J W: 1/11/20

It was a recorded male voice claiming to be HMRC saying I was under investigation for fraudulent tax evasion. They said unless I pressed 1 for further details a warrant would be isssued for my arrest immediately. I hung up

caller: 1/8/20

big scam

Eric: 1/6/20

Get lots of these calls. They are ALL scams. When I get one of these I always press to speak and let them know I am in the field office of the FBI and then try to time how fast they hang up.

John Curdie: 1/6/20

Law enforcement usually dont call you to let you know they are going to get a warrant to arrest you, this would give you time to run... second, no legit company is going to call you about something on your computer, that is yours, and regardless of what OS you are running and who owns it (the OS), doing do makes it a breach of privacy on their part. There are apps out there that are free and block these kinds of calls.

Kathryn: 1/6/20

Recorded message claiming to be hmrc saying I was under investigation for fraudulent tax evasion. Told me unless I pressed 1 for further details a warrant would be isssued for my arrest!

J.: 1/5/20

Someone called me from this number for literally two seconds and left the message that it's Amazon driver, but I didn't order ANYTHING! Left another message that the parcel was delivered but I won't find out if it's true and how until I come back home.

Freddie : 1/2/20

Foreign caller

Freddie : 1/2/20

Foreign caller